Mini Summit to explore funding of the major performing arts

06 February 2008, Australia

IFACCA and the Australia Council for the Arts will host a Mini Summit on Support for Major Performing Arts Organisations in Adelaide, Australia, later this month.
Over three days, representatives of IFACCA member agencies from 20 countries will discuss issues including: measuring the impact and value of funding, relationships with audiences and alternative funding sources.  Speakers will include Robyn Archer, Carrillo Gantner and Peter Steidl, together with senior executives from various member organisations.
During the invitation-only event, delegates will also have the opportunity to attend events at the Australian Performing Arts Market and the  opening of the Adelaide Festival.
The results of a survey about  support for major performing arts organisations, which follows the D'Art research question on the same topic, available here:,  will also be presented at the mini-summit.
This is IFACCA's seventh Mini Summit . A list of other events is available here: