Launch of National Agency for Wales For Young People

The Arts Council of Wales,
27 March 2008, Wales

A new national agency for theatre for young people was launched recently in Wales.

Eight Welsh theatre in education/theatre for young people companies have collaborated to establish a unique, innovative and dynamic agency of organisations and individuals concerned with theatre and drama both with, and for, young people in Wales - the National Agency Of Wales For Theatre For Young People.

The organisation will provide a legal framework to enable the companies to continue to work constructively and closely together to promote theatre in education/theatre for young people and encourage best practice in the pursuit of excellence in the creation of a dynamic theatre culture that takes into account the best interests of children and young people.

Working closely with the Agency, The Arts Council of Wales will be hosting a Theatre For Young People Symposium based on Cultural Entitlement at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama on 10th April.