Venues policies and programmes

The Arts Council of Ireland,
28 March 2008, Ireland

An area of the Arts Council of Ireland's website where you can find goals, actions and publications relating the the Arts Council's venues policies.

‘Venues’ is the term the Arts Council uses to describe buildings devoted to the arts, including theatres, galleries and arts centres. Venues provide a solid infrastructure of critical importance for the arts nationally. As focal points for arts activities, they help communities to develop a voice and they provide opportunities for investment in the creative energies and skills of future generations.

The Arts Council currently funds seventy-two venues; five theatres, thirteen galleries and fifty-four multi-disciplinary arts centres and performing arts spaces. In supporting venues its role is:

  • to act as an accessible development agency, having knowledge and experience both of issues surrounding buildings devoted to the arts and of the services and opportunities that are expected by artists and the public to flow from these buildings;
  • to be a partner in ensuring that there is a network of well-designed, well-maintained, well-managed and sustainable arts venues across the country capable of providing a wide-ranging and varied programme of high-quality arts activities.

Included in the publications are the Council's venues summary policy paper and the Auditoria report.