Arts and cultural management: the state of the field

Boekman Foundation,
22 April 2009, International

Arts and cultural management: the state of the field 
Author ed. by C. DeVereaux
Year of publication 2009
Article published in: The journal of arts management, law and society. 38(2009)4(winter.235-309) 

About the wide range of issues relating to arts, culture, the conditions of artists, and organizations whose purpose is the production and presentation of the arts. With: Introduction and International Symposium Series on Cultural Management and the State of the Field by Constance DeVereaux; Narrative, culture, and diplomacy by Martin Griffin; Teaching Arts Management: where did we lose the core ideas? by Aleksander Brkic; The concepts of arts/cultural management: a critical reflection by Patrick Ebewo and Mzo Sirayi; and Democratic practices in arts organizations by Dustin Kidd.