Performing Arts Advisor

Fiji Arts Council,
29 July 2009, Fiji

The Fiji arts Council is looking to recruit a Performing artist / manager to work as part of the Fiji Arts Council team for the development and implementation of the Professional Pathways project – Performing Arts.

The Project officer will assist the Director in the development and management of the National Performing Arts Programme and is responsible for:

a) Arts advisory and career development pathways for artists

b) Marketing and participation programmes for artists

c) Placement of artists into national and international programmes and events

d) Conduct and identify training, arts, exchanges, scholarships and residences

The Project Officer will also be responsible for the:
a) Support and develop arts collectives and arts organizations

b) Assist in the creation and implementation of recognition and awards schemes such as National Art Awards.

c) Develop proposals and budgets to support national programmes

 d) Assist in the development of the National Institute for the Arts