Cultural Tourism: A How-To Guide

Arts Audiences,
15 January 2012, Ireland

This guide has been published as part of the Arts Audiences: Build your Audience scheme 2011, which
focused on cultural tourism by providing the services of marketing consultant Annette Nugent to two arts
organisations for particular cultural tourism audience development initiatives. This guide complements that
work by providing information on the tourism sector and practical approaches for including visitors in your
audience development strategies.

These and other research findings indicate that a motivated and inclined subset of visitors to
Ireland are interesting in knowing about and experiencing Ireland’s contemporary and ‘living’
culture. Over the following pages, this guide looks at how those of us working with contemporary
culture - performing and visual arts, film, literature, architecture, etc - might engage with the Irish
visitor market in a relevant and targeted way to bring those visitors to our venues and events in
larger numbers.