Council of Culture survey carried out door to door nationwide

Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes,
23 August 2012, Chile

Over eight thousand Chileans from all over the country will participate in the National Survey of Cultural Participation and Consumption by the National Council of Culture.

The Minister of Culture, Luciano Cruz-Coke, said of the aim of the initiative, which takes place for the third year in a row that  "The Cultural Consumption Survey is an approach that allows us to know the characteristics of the demand for goods, services and cultural practices from the point of view of participation, and consumption habits. This data allow us to work to generate public policies oriented to the real needs of all Chileans. "

In 2012, following a similar pattern to the previous year, the Cultural Council seeks to know what people do on their free time, what interests they have, what are their likes and favorite activities.

It is intended that the Chileans open their doors and are willing to answer about their preferences and participation in various cultural fields, among others heritage, visual arts, performing arts, music, crafts, literary arts, books and newspapers, interactive media, design and creative services.

In the last survey results obtained show interesting data about citizen participation in cultural activities. Some of the information obtained was, for example, that 7.6% of the population has "never in his/her life" been to the theatre. Of the people that have been to the movies at least once in the past year, 36.4% prefer action movies, of which 49.9% were men and 21.6% women.

41.4% of the population reported having read at least one book in the last year, 39.1% of them prefer to read novels.  40.3% of the readers declared "they had not bought any book in the last year." 57.6% of the readers in the age group between 15-29 years, say they have been to a library in the past year. 14.1% of the population has never been connected to the Internet. 48.1% said of them say that the reason is that they don't know how to use a computer. And 23.2% of the population that listen music, prefer melodic and romanticmusic, followed by rock (18%).