Experts analyze the cultural production of the country

El economista,
29 October 2012, Mexico

Scholars from 15 higher education institutions of the country reflect on artistic creation, and the generation and application of artistic and cultural knowledge during three events that take place at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro (UAQ).

Irma Fuentes Mata, event coordinator and professor at the University, said: "We intend the discussion to be on how researchers, and art and culture creators construct knowledge from the art practice, how this has been formed  throughout history, how it is organized and how systematic, thoughtful and analytical work is done.”
Research and creation are not two separate entities, she said, but linked and necessary for each other.

The discussion will form part of the activities of the Third International Conference on Arts and Humanities ‘Artistic research and creation’, the V Meeting of Cultural Policy Analysis and the Fourth Meeting of the Permanent Seminar for Research, Training and Artistic Creation.

She highlighted that this is a space for reflection, creation and research during the three days of intense activity in workshops, lectures, exhibitions, panels and presentations of projects.
Artists, researchers, students and art and culture teachers will present art projects, presentations and essays linking artistic creation and research.

These activities are organized by the academic bodies of education, cultural policy and arts of the Autonomous University of Zacatecas; Performing Arts Department of the University Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, and creation, formation and interpretation of art and culture of the University of Querétaro.

Several experts from Brazil, France, United States, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Spain and Mexico will participate in the events. Among those participating are Alberto Híjar, Jeff Johnson, Alejandro Barrañón, Alejandra Olvera, Mirta Blostein, Anadel Lynton, Javier Contreras, Marie Christine Camus, Eva Libertad Garcia and Alberto Argüello.