D'Art Report: Government Honours for Artists

15 January 2013, Australia

In July 2012, IFACCA sought the assistance of its members in providing information on what types of government awards exist for artists, and how they are administered. This followed a query received from Roisín McDonough, the Chief Executive of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, regarding government honour systems for artists.

This report aims to provide an overview of various management structures and administration systems for awards provided to artists from governments, the details of which were submitted to IFACCA through this questionnaire.

The report does not attempt to provide a full listing of available awards, and IFACCA is aware that many others are available than are documented here. The Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe (www.culturalpolicies.net) includes a section on ‘Support to artists and other creative workers’ with a sub-section on ‘grants, awards and scholarships’ (8.1.3). This can be consulted for further information on grant and award structures in Europe.

IFACCA continues to collect resources about government awards and honours for artists, on this page, and would welcome comments on this report.