Ministry of Cultures will implement an open signal Culture TV

Ministerio de Culturas ,
28 January 2013, Bolivia

Minister Pablo Groux, announced the Culture TV channel implementation that his ministry will be in charge of. The contents are related to the recovery of identities, history, science and art, community-based tourism development, as well as programs for children, youth and about decolonization.
Minister of Cultures Pablo Groux, announced during the 1st Conference on Cultural Journalism that the ministry will implement int he second quarter of this year will implement the TV channel "TV Cultures" that will be an instrument for the dissemination of culture and identity of our country.

The Minister Groux, said the State will invest in the implementation of a television channel that will be accompanied by other media initiates in the future, but the main objective of the project is the TV channel.

It is anticipated that the first TV broadcasts of Culture TV or emission tests will be conducted in the first quarter and the channel is expected to officially air in the second quarter of this year.

He also said that the production team is still in the development of the contents which will be very current and fresh.

He said that it has a budget of $ 150,000 for infrastructure equipment and human resources and that the location of the channel will be within Palacio Chico.

Finally, the Minister of Cultures emphasized that the TV channel will make possible a true dissemination of culture and not entertainment or programs of superficial contents.