Law to Benefit Artists in the Provinces

15 July 2013, Argentina

Anabel Fernández Sagasti, national representative from the political party FPV (Frente para la Victoria), is leading the initiative that allows artists in the provinces to export their artwork from where they live. Currently, they must go to Buenos Aires.
The regulatory decree that puts into effect Law No. 24.633 establishes in its 9th article that any request for an export license should be presented to the Visual Arts Directorate of the National Culture Secretariat, in person, by the exporter or by a third party that represents him or her.
“This situation”, she states, “makes it difficult for the artists based in the provinces of the country to issue an export permit. If they cannot find a person to represent them, the artists or the exporters themselves must travel to Buenos Aires”.
“Artists from the provinces”, she continues, “that are not submerged in the market of art galleries can be affected by this situation when they are interested in selling their artwork overseas, especially those not widely known that find it difficult to find someone to represent them. This situation might end up in these artists not disseminating their artwork overseas or not sealing a deal.
The modification to this law (…) expresses that in the provinces the application authority of this law must create regional delegations in order to avoid adverse effects on lesser-known artists that live in the provinces of Argentina.