Culture, ECLAC and OEI meet to work on the Culture Satellite Account

Ministerio de Cultura ,
07 October 2013, República Dominicana

Representatives of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), the Organization of Ibero-American States OEI and the Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic hold a technical meeting to build a Culture Satellite Account for the Dominican Republic.

The participants included: the Minister of Culture José Antonio Rodríguez, Catherine Andújar , Director of the OEI Regional Office in the country, Patricia Marcharnt, María Paz Collinao from the Division of Statistics and Economic Projects ECLAC, Olga Díaz, Adviser of the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic, Carlos Santos , Coordinator of the Vice ministry of Institutional Development, Juan Tomás García, Coordinator of Creativity and Popular Participation, and Alberto Valenzuela from the Ministry of Culture.

In his speech, at the beginning of the meeting, Minister Rodriguez said that " its management has the purpose to value cultural creators and managers, as well as diversity of the tangible and intangible heritage, and transform culture in one of the main engines of the Dominican economy . "

To achieve these goals through culture, it is necessary to make known the contribution made by the cultural sector to the economy, which allows more resources from the national treasury to the implementation of public policies. 
 Rodriguez emphasized that within the policies it is important to ensure that all the Dominicans can fully and freely fulfill their cultural rights as enshrined in our constitution.

In addition they include promoting the participation of all citizens in cultural activities, contributing to the overall improvement of the quality of life, the consolidation of democracy and full human development.

He said that culture is one of the relevant means available to a nation to deal with poverty, because investment in the cultural sector is a priority for the harmonious growth of the nation, as spending on culture is a social investment to combat poverty, create employment and generate foreign exchange.