Call for Papers: 18th International Conference on Cultural Economics

04 December 2013, Canada

Abstract submissions are being accepted for research covering all areas related to the Economics of Culture, and can be submitted by following this link.

Important criteria for the reviewing committee will be a) relevant connection with the themes of cultural economics (economics of the arts, creative industries, cultural heritage, creative economy, creative cities, intellectual property rights, artistic labor markets, craftsmanship, cultural organizations, cultural capital, valorization of artistic values, financing the arts, supporting the arts, governmental support of the arts, the values of art/creativity for businesses and the like), b) scientific merit, c) relevance for ongoing research in cultural economics.

Abstract Submission Deadline : JANUARY 31, 2014.

Final Date of Acceptance of the Paper : FEBRUARY 15, 2014

Deadline for Provision of Complete Drafts of Accepted Papers: JUNE 1, 2014

The ACEI 2014 will feature a program of invited plenary sessions grouped around the theme of Connecting Conversations. Researchers in other fields, as well as representatives of the cultural sector, such as arts administrators and government officials, will be invited to share their research and findings on the interactions between the practices of the cultural sector and economic analysis The focus will be on the experiences and challenges of Canadian and American practitioners.

Click here for our Call for Papers in pdf.