CNCA resumes the review of a law to regulate art exhibitions in public spaces

Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes,
20 November 2014, Chile

The initiative seeks to give a legal framework to artistic activities in places like squares, streets and other public places. In a meeting held between the Deputy Director of Culture, Senator Navarro and urban artists, it was agreed to implement the regulation as a pilor ptoject in 6 regions of the country.

"The minister Claudia Barattini has requested within our legislative agenda that we push hard with this project that serves a purpose: creating spaces for urban singers as a form to democratize access to culture and to regain the use of public space as a place for the development of artistic and cultural activities, and therefore we are very interested at the Council of Culture to support this process"said the Deputy Director Lilia Concha.

The Deputy Director met with Senator Alejandro Navarro, the director of the Regional Council for Culture of the Metropolitan Area, Ana Carolina Arriagada, and representatives of urban artists, to give boost to this project that was presented at the Congress in 2012 and seeks to regulate artistic performances in public spaces in cities.

At the meeting it was agreed to implement as a pilot project the regulation in six regions of the country, calling on local artists, government and municipal authorities to agree on how to apply the regulation in the territories.

According to the Deputy Director, this meeting "allowed to return to a bill that has already initiated a legislative process. Senator Navarro has added that is is important to count with uban artists . We should count with their cooperation in order to give impetus to the processing of the law and thereby give public support to it. "

Senator Navarro stated that the project, "seeks to establish a series of regulations that would allow the use of these spaces, as in the great capitals of the world."

Senator Navarro added that there are places where urban artists "are a contribution, therefore, I believe that a law establishing and regulating exhibitions and artistic performance in streets, squares and avenues, it is necessary to have a regulatory framework that recognises the authority of majors and the rights of artists. This is an appropriate combination of duties and rights and public use of art that can not be prohibited. "