Ministry of Culture strengthened the participation of territories through media in 2014

Ministerio de Cultura ,
17 December 2014, Colombia

The Department of Communication aims at improving the quality of productio nof cultural content of the media, local communication processes, training of producers and different means of communication in the country.

This Department of the Ministryof Culture,seeks to strenghten content creatorsto develop,produceand circulate inthe media contents of high quality that inclusive andrelevant, in order to to contribute toa democratic culture andthe recognition ofthe country's culture.

Their achievementsare related tocultural television, culturalcontent forchildren, digitalculture,community and publicradios, communication andterritoryandproduction centers of the border.
Thecultural television projectseeks to enhance theskills acquiredby theaudiovisual sectorstrengtheningdialogue andteamwork.As a resulttheyhave achieved to export the twenty-fourchaptersofthe children's seriesTheleadingco-producedwith international channels,"ExpressSouth:a celebrationof cultures"isanother achievement, whichwas done inthe framework ofagreements of Unasur, producing42chapters on heritage and  cultural expressionsfrom 7 countriesofthe  Southas well as the LatinDOCT, the Andean Window and the Musicvoyager.

As regards the intents to respectifference,SignalColombia co-produced andbroadcasted through regional public channles the series "Acts ofheart"with 50 episodes following adocumentarystructure. The series tells  storiesof people livingin environmentswhere they find theselves to be different and,despite adversity,manage to stand out.

With regardto cultural contentfor children,29digital audiovisualproductions havebeen produced so far as well as two radioseriesfeaturingstoriesand songsproduced by childrenand musiciansinmore than fiveregions of the country.

Ina joint effort betweenthe Department ofArts of the Ministryof Culture and theeCentro Ático of the JaverianaUniversity and inthe framework of the Cero policy there has always been a digitalcommunication strategyaimed atearly childhood.There isan interactive portal,Maguaré(www.maguaré,in whichchildren finda number of proposalsto read,sing and learnthrough play.
The purposeof digital cultureis to recognizethat technologyand newformats canbe at the serviceof of the mostimportant projectsforwardin this framework isthe National Laboratory ofEntrepreneurshipC3+D,a virtualand classroomspace in whichparticipants developeda draftdigitalculture whileshowinghis skills asentrepreneurs inthe creative industries.ó-la-participación-de-los-territorios-a-través-de-los-medios-de-comunicación-.aspx