The final results to support the arts and the visual arts sector in 2015

Ministère de la Culture, Maroc,
30 May 2015, Morocco

In the framework of the Ministry of Culture's strategy to support the fine arts sector, and to implement the requirements of the Decree No. 2.12.513 of 2 Rajab 1434, corresponding to 13 May 2013, concerning the support of cultural and artistic projects in the form of requests for proposals projects, and the application of the joint decision between the Minister of Culture and Minister of Economy and Finance No. 14.1273 of 10 May 1435 (March 12, 2014), concerning supporting the arts and the visual arts sector, the Committee met for study and selection of cultural and artistic projects in the field of Art on the 20, 21 and 22 May 2015 at the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture, chaired by: Mr. Issa Ms. Ekin and membership and gentlemen Tnah honorary, Mr. Vashti Hayani, Mr. Mohammed Bnaaqhob, Mr. Abdul Rahman Rhol, Mr. Mansour Ekrash, Mr. Bouzid pooped.

The Committee considered the support received by the ministry's projects, including within the following five areas:

1. artistic creativity and artistic residencies.

2. Publish Monogravea Katalugat artists and galleries, magazines and websites specializing in plastic and visual art.

3. exhibitions and salons specializing in plastic and visual arts.

4. participation in fairs and exhibitions of plastic and visual arts.

5. visual creativity.