Minister Roopnaraine, Argentine Ambassador Martino exploring visit by Borges scholars

Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport ,
08 June 2015, Guyana

Last evening the Argentine Embassy in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Department of Culture, Youth and Sport hosted a Tango extravaganza last evening at the National Cultural Centre. This cultural engagement rapped up a visit by an Argentine Tango group of musicians and dancers.

The finale of the group’s visit was attended by many who came out to witness another component of Argentina’s cultural heritage. This is not the first time Guyanese are having a taste of Argentina’s culture and traditions as there have been a few previous visits by Argentine performers.

In his remarks, Minister of Education, Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine shared on his first experience with Argentine culture, which started with the publishing of one of Argentina’s greatest literary minds Jorge Borges in English. Dr. Roopnaraine emphasized that that exposure and a short discussion with Ambassador Martino has resulted in a request being made for a visit by Borges scholars to host a special conference.

The Minister noted that he pleased to be able to watch and learn about the Argentine Tango. He added that Argentina has been exporting experts to many countries which have resulted in the opening up of tango schools in many parts. In this regard, “Guyana is open for assistance and I know that our National School of Dance and our dancers are going to relish the opportunity to expand their repertoire and to add the Argentine Tango to their already considerable body of skills.


“Cultural exchange is the most profound way to cement a relationship, and for me the experience of having the Argentinian Tango at the Cultural Centre is the beginning of a deepening relationship with Argentina so that we can intensify our friendship,” he highlighted.

Dr. Roopnaraine emphasized that this is a unique opportunity for us to be continental. “I believe that with our Argentinian friends we want to strengthen our cultural relations with the counties on the continent.

Prior to the start of the show, the Ambassador of Argentina, Luis Alberto Martino noted that the words tango and Buenos Aires are synonymous to the meaning to the genre. He explained that tango was born in Buenos Aires as a result of emigration in the 1900s.

“Tango is very diverse with influences from Niger in Africa and Spain,” he said. There are also influences from the Unites States, Belize and Japan.

Ambassador Martino expressed his appreciation to the Education Ministry for its support in making the visit a success.