Discussion on the future of Malta’s cultural and creative sectors organised by the Arts Council Malta in the Parliament building

Arts Council Malta,
09 September 2015, Malta

The future of the cultural and creative sectors will be the subject of a cultural forum led by creative practitioners which will be held in parliament with the participation of Members of Parliament from both sides of the House and chaired by the Speaker of the House.

This activity, which will be held on Monday 28 September at 5pm, is being organised by Arts Council Malta in collaboration with the Office of the Speaker and the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government.

Organisations and associations representing different sectors in the fields of cultural heritage, art, the media and creative business services, such as design and architecture, are invited to participate in this cultural forum.

The forum is being organised as part of a consultative process in the run-up to the launch of Arts Council Malta’s five-year strategy. Selected entities will be given the opportunity to present their thoughts and visions on one of the following:


  • Culture at the heart of the community
  • Diversity and cultural access
  • Creative education
  • The professionalisation of the cultural and creative sectors



Speakers will be requested to deliver a speech which should not last longer than three minutes. Afterwards they will be invited to participate in a conversation on the subject with other speakers. The principal speakers of the forum must be members of associations or organisations with active representation from the sector. The invitation is also open to groups of individuals, of not less than eight people, who together can present a common position on one of the themes.

Interested organisations or groups of individuals are requested to make contact with Arts Council Malta by sending an email on [email protected] by not later than Wednesday 26 August. Priority will be given to entities with a cultural remit. The organisations or groups should provide an organisation profile, indicating which of the above themes they would like to address as well as some of the points they would like to raise during their speech.