Members’ update and message from Simon Brault, Chair of the IFACCA Board, on international solidarity

IFACCA - International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies,
31 August 2020, International

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This month our focus is on the Federation’s Strategy for 2021-2026. In 2017, the Secretariat developed the current Revised Strategic Plan 2018-2020 in consultation with members, which helped us revise our objectives; hone our programmes and services; and respond to needs and priorities identified directly by members. Our new Strategy for 2021-2026 will be equally relevant and responsive to members’ needs, attuned to our changing contextual realities, but this time around we have engaged external researchers (BYP Group and Ladosur) to interview Executive Leaders at National Member institutions and provide us with independent analysis. In the last month, we have arranged for the researchers to interview more 65 percent of the membership, and we warmly thank everyone who has participated to date.

The Strategy for 2021-2026 was also central to discussion at the most recent meeting of the IFACCA Board on Wednesday 19 August. In response to analysis conducted by the Secretariat, the Board considered a range of factors that could influence our future Strategy, from changing international relationships and technological innovation, to the Federation’s guiding principles and the unique value(s) that the Federation offers members. We look forward to receiving the findings from the member consultation and continuing conversations with the Board at its next meeting in November. Moreover, we look forward to sharing the draft Strategy for 2021-2026 with members in early 2021 for feedback.

We are keenly aware that the years ahead present significant challenges for public agencies operating in new contexts, but we are confident there will be opportunities too, not least through sharing support, experience and knowledge across the Federation. This was reflected at the conclusion of the recent Board Meeting when IFACCA Chair and Director and CEO of the Canada Council, Simon Brault offered a message for members: “As we confront uncertainty, it is more important than ever to reaffirm our international solidarity: to understand the experiences of our peers, to benefit from shared perspectives and insights – especially in the context of new waves and evolving situations worldwide – and to collectively work towards a more inclusive and equitable future for the arts and culture sector. On behalf of the Board, we recognise the contribution made by our fellow National Members and we are grateful for their ongoing commitment.”