Cinema, Franceschini: support for film industry central to recovery policies

Ministero della cultura,
05 May 2021, Italy

"The scope of the interventions contained in the Recovery and what has been done over the past year confirm that the State has chosen the cinema as an industrial policy: it is no longer just an issue linked to cultural policies, but there is now the conviction that investing in this sector makes a central contribution to the country's growth and economic recovery". These were the words of Culture Minister Dario Franceschini, speaking this afternoon at the 'Ritorno al Cinema - La promozione, il prodotto, il sostegno del MIC' (Return to Cinema - Promotion, the product, support from the MIC) meeting, an initiative promoted as part of the "Reload" Professional Days of Cinema, organised by Anec in collaboration with Anica, on the restart of the cinema market.