Understanding the impact of global creative economy

Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development, UAE,
22 December 2021, United Arab Emirates

The “creative economy” has become an essential part of the global economy during the past few years, as countries have realized the importance of knowledge-based industries. This includes the creative industries, which play a huge role in developing many countries, contributing to the gross domestic product and providing job opportunities. The recently concluded World Conference on Creative Economy, hosted by the UAE Ministry of Culture and Youth, is an indication of a new beginning to promote the UAE’s position on the world competitive index and reflects the wise leadership’s vision to build a brighter future. 
In 2021, the creative economy stepped into the spotlight amid unprecedented disruption generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and we have witnessed countries from across the globe navigate their directions to new ways of working and living post-pandemic. The effects of the pandemic urge the need to be creative on how we imagine the future and how we shape it.