Lithuania, Israel sign film co-production agreement

Ministry of Culture, Republic of Lithuania,
07 January 2022, Lithuania

VILNIUS – Culture Minister Simonas Kairys and Yossef Levy, Israel's ambassador to Lithuania, signed on Friday an agreement on the co-production of films between the two countries.

"Until now, Lithuania has not had any film co-production project with Israel," Kairys noted in a press release.

"By clearly defining interstate cooperation in film production promotion, this agreement between the two governments opens up greater opportunities for Lithuanian and Israeli filmmakers, including in attracting additional funding," the minister said.

According to the Culture Ministry, the agreement will create favorable conditions for both countries' film producers to receive public project funding.

"This is a great day for filmmakers in both countries," Levy was quoted as saying in the press release. "Israel and Lithuania take pride in the quality of their films, which open a window into our cultures and national and human identities."