Arts Council Malta launches draft Strategy 2025 for online public consultation

Arts Council Malta,
17 January 2022, Malta

Arts Council Malta’s draft Strategy 2025 has been published for an online public consultation and is inviting feedback and contributions from stakeholders and members of the public interested in the future of Malta’s cultural and creative ecology.
The draft Strategy 2025 proposes a vision and mission underpinned by a commitment towards Cultural Rights through three overarching themes being ‘Care Create Flourish’ reflected in its 10 Guiding Principles. This draft was developed following a preliminary public consultation process throughout 2021 which involved conversations with internal and external stakeholders complemented by 10 thematic discussions with more than 200 people from across backgrounds and roles within Malta’s cultural and creative sectors. It states that the Council’s vision is for “the arts to be at the heart of Malta’s future” embedded within its six strategic goals being:

  1. Invest in and foster diverse artistic and cultural expression;
  2. Support and promote the conditions in which Malta’s cultural and creative sectors can flourish;
  3. Advocate and provide for community-led opportunities to engage in arts and culture;
  4. Strengthen Malta’s international cultural relations to continue developing international artistic exchanges and collaborations;
  5. Nurture cross-sectoral collaborations that contribute to Malta’s sustainable development;
  6. Facilitate cultural partners including Public Cultural Organisations to build and strengthen organisational capacity.