ACP-EU Culture Programme for West Africa holds first regional meeting

ACP-EU culture,
16 March 2022, International

The first regional meeting of the ACP-EU Culture Programme for West Africa was held on 9 March during the 12th edition of the Abidjan Performing Arts Market (MASA). The meeting was opportunity to present the programme’s mandate to operators in the region’s cultural and creative sectors and to discover the Ivorian projects that have benefited from its action.

Following a kora tune performed by local musicians, Jobst von Kirchmann, European Union Ambassador to Côte d’Ivoire, recalled the importance of culture for the identity and cohesion of peoples: “Culture is a key to access. It conveys values and fosters understanding of others. Culture is also industry and art. In West Africa, where it is carried by young people, investing in culture means investing in youth."