An agreement to strengthen the collaboration between the creative community and the publishing industry

Arts Council Malta,
30 August 2022, Malta

An agreement between Arts Council Malta and the National Book Council aims to strengthen the existing collaboration between these two entities for the promotion of several artistic and educational initiatives, particularly during the National Book Festival and the Book Festival on Campus. The agreement will also facilitate the integration of opportunities for the creative community working in and around the publishing industry, specifically illustrators and graphic designers.

The MoU was signed by Arts Council Malta’s Director of Funding and Strategy Mary Ann Cauchi and the Executive Chairman of the National Book Council Mark Camilleri. The signing of the agreement was presided by Minister for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government Owen Bonnici and Minister for Education, Sports, Youth, Research, and Innovation Clifton Grima.

Minister Owen Bonnici said this agreement is an important step that will lead to the full collaboration between the creative community and the publishing industry. He stated that through investment in artistic and educational organizations, they continue to create long-term support and continue to provide platforms for this community, which is always growing.

Minister Clifton Grima spoke about the importance of books in education and said that “The Ministry of Education, through this agreement, is once again encouraging the work of this industry and will see to the strengthening of the Maltese book industry and the promotion of reading. Through this agreement, we are also investing in books, useful tools for our students not only for their education but also in their free time to continue to expand their knowledge”.

Arts Council Malta’s Director Mary Ann Cauchi stated that this collaboration aims at improving and sustaining the publishing industry with specific regard to book illustrators and graphic designers to provide them with more opportunities for professional and creative development, and more accessibility to books and publishing for varied audiences.

“The National Book Council is looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with Arts Council Malta which is aimed at showcasing the work of our stakeholders, including illustrators and graphic designers, as well as strengthening professional networks. Our mission statement is to seek to work with other cultural entities in support of the local publishing scene, the nurturing of new talents and to create a space for Maltese literature to receive its deserved recognition,” stated Executive Chairman Mark Camilleri.

The MoU also seeks to create more opportunities for artists to pursue their interests in publishing-related artistic work locally and abroad, joining local art and literature to attract attention to the local publishing scene to further advance the export of Maltese book illustration work abroad, create more opportunities for the integration of art and literature, and the organisation of new networking and information sessions.