The Filmiapaja project of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the Oulu Cultural Foundation supports audiovisual productions

Arts Promotion Centre Finland,
13 September 2022, Finland

Filmiapaja, which will be launched in 2023, will gather screenwriters, writers, audiovisual makers and financiers. The project enables the creation of new productions and cooperation networks. The film workshop is part of the upcoming Oulu2026 cultural programme.

The aim of the film workshop is to bring together audiovisual creators, to develop the skills of writers and screenwriters in particular, and to create fresh stories that spring from the northern environment.

– The Oulu2026 Capital of Culture year is a nationally significant project, the effects of which will spread long-term and widely. We are excited about this project, which will allow us to promote in-depth collaboration between professionals from different fields of art. This is a great pilot on how we can develop permanent cooperation models also nationwide," says Paula Tuovinen, Director of taike.

The film workshop makes the work and significance of the screenwriter visible. The first phase of the project will last two years and aims to develop audiovisual projects of the highest quality. The productions applied for the project go through a series of workshops.

The productions will be presented to selected audiovisual funders at the end of the development phase at the end of 2024. Some of the selected productions will be funded. The Arts Promotion Centre Finland funds the development phase of the project with approximately EUR 350,000, and the Oulu Cultural Foundation is prepared to finance productions related to northern themes created through the project with a maximum of EUR 400,000.

– Oulu is one of the northernmost European Capitals of Culture. Northernness is strongly reflected in the themes of the Oulu2026 culture programme. Being on the edge of Europe often produces distinctive art and culture, which we want to do our part to strengthen and promote more widely in Europe. We also want to increase the opportunities for creative work in the North, for example in the audiovisual sector. Our goals meet well with Filmiapaja," says Programme Director Samu Forsblom.

In addition to networking artists and the success of productions, the aim is to promote permanent cooperation models and structures between the fields of art and to promote the employment of artists both regionally in Northern Finland and nationally. The Arts Promotion Centre Finland is also negotiating with other national audiovisual funders on additional funding for the production phase, which would further increase the quantity and quality of productions.

Audiovisual and literary professionals can apply in the call for applications that will open in 2023 and will be announced on the website of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.