Arts Council publishes evaluations of Covid Recovery programmes

Arts Council of Northern Ireland,
08 February 2023, Northern Ireland

The main aim of the Creative Individuals Recovery Programme, which opened for applications in September 2021, was to help individuals working in the creative economy to reactivate or maintain their trade, profession or vocation. The main aim of the Covid Recovery Programme for Arts Organisations, which opened in January 2022, was to reduce operating deficits in eligible organisations which had arisen in the 2021/22 financial year due to the pandemic.

Key findings:

Creative Individuals Recovery Programme:

  • 1,210 artists received £2.3 million in funding.
  • The average grant was £1,892.
  • 70% of recipients surveyed received no funding from other public funders.
  • 98% of recipients surveyed said the grant meant they could maintain their creative skills in the absence of work.
  • 88% of recipients surveyed reported that the grant helped them to protect their career.
  • The programme increased overall awareness of funding and support available to people working in the creative economy.

622 recipients responded to the survey (41% response rate)