New partnership initiative to advance music’s role in remote and rural communities around the world

The Nordic Culture Fund,
09 March 2023, Norway

The report Defining Resilience in Remote and Rural Music Ecosystems was published last November based on a research project conducted by the Center for Music Ecosystems in Torshavn (Faroe Islands), Nuuk (Greenland) and Juneau (Alaska). The aim of the study was to demonstrate how music can be a powerful tool to make any community more resilient and to find actionable ways to strengthen the local music ecosystems in the three cities.

Based on the recommendations outlined in the report, the partners have now launched a new phase in the work. The Music Policy Resilience Lab aims at implementing and testing the key findings and recommendations on the ground in 11 communities in Canada, the United States, Sweden, Finland and Kyrgyzstan, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

During the period March 2023 – April 2024, the communities will participate in 6 Policy Labs. The labs will feature global music and cultural policy experts such as Bandcamp, Serenade, the Texas Music Office and Live DMA, among others. The first Lab takes place on the Faroe Islands on the 10th  of March.

At the same time, each community will work with the Center For Music Ecosystems and experts to implement selected recommendations from the report. All progress will be recorded in each place and together with the roundtable findings, a comprehensive Guide to Music And Resilience will be published in Spring 2024 at Tallinn Music Week in Estonia, with each community serving as an example of best practice. This guide will then be made available for free, for all communities.