Research confirms importance of live music workers

Creative Australia,
27 March 2023, Australia

The contribution of live music to our creative economy has been confirmed following the release of the Australia’s live music sector: an occupation-based analysis report, undertaken by the Bureau of Communications, Arts and Regional Research.

The analysis reflects the diversity of occupations such as musicians, ticket collectors, advertising managers and bar attendants needed to run a live music event.

At a glance, the key findings of the report show the sector is estimated to employ 41,000 people in 2019-20. This includes:

  • 14,200 primary workers (for example, musicians, technicians),
  • 10,000 supporting workers (for example, ticketing, security, media producers) and
  • 16,800 auxiliary workers (for example, hospitality staff)

Not surprisingly, the report shows COVID-19 was highly disruptive for the sector, impacting attendance, ticket revenue and performances.

The importance of contemporary live music is recognised in the new National Cultural Policy Revive: A Place For Every Story, A Story For Every Place, which will establish Music Australia, as a part of the new Creative Australia. Music Australia will provide direct support to the Australian music industry to grow including through strategic initiatives and industry partnerships, and export promotion.  

In addition, Music Australia will support industry professionals to learn business skills, help provide artists with better access to live music venues and undertake research and data collection around key issues, including festivals and venues.

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