An action plan for the promotion of movement activity of Estonians is being prepared in cooperation between the ministries

Estonian Ministry of Culture,
28 April 2023, Estonia

The largest ever survey on physical activity in Estonia, published last year, confirmed a worrying fact - more than half of both adults and children in Estonia still do too little exercise. A new and longer-term step to get Estonians more active will be taken with the forthcoming cross-sectoral action plan to promote physical activity.

The Ministry of Culture is taking the lead in drawing up an action plan to promote physical activity. The last day of October last year was therefore a landmark day, when the ministries of culture, social affairs and education and research agreed to jointly launch the preparation of an action plan for the promotion of physical activity for the period 2023-2026. The Action Plan is a practical document that sets out concrete actions for the next four years in the three ministries' areas of responsibility to take a significant and longer-term step in increasing physical activity in Estonia and to implement the plans set out in the Physical Activity Concept.