Norway leads the international cultural network

Kulturdirektoratet - Arts and Culture Norway,
05 May 2023, Norway

Kristin Danielsen, Director of Arts and Culture Norway, has been announced as Chair of IFACCA, the international network for state cultural enterprises. "It gives Norway the opportunity to participate in the conversation about the development of art and culture worldwide," says Danielsen.

The International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA) is an international network working to promote arts and culture worldwide. The network consists of arts councils, ministries of culture and government agencies from over 80 member countries.

"A seat at the board table provides a unique overview of cultural and artistic development internationally. It also provides an opportunity to contribute our ideas and initiatives in the most important themes of art and culture. It also provides an opportunity to influence IFACCA to lift the areas that Arts and Culture Norway believe are important," says Danielsen.

The Board consists of 9 directors from the member organisations representing all continents. At IFACCA's World Congress this week, the Director of Arts and Culture Norway, Kristin Danielsen, is announced as Chair of the Board.

"I will bring values such as artistic freedom of expression, gender equality and trust-based schemes managed at arm's length into a forum that also includes countries that Norway do not always agree with," says Danielsen. "I am a strong supporter of dialogue, and when Norway is centrally placed in such a body, we get the opportunity to draw on experience and knowledge from our part of the world. It will put Norway and democratic values on the map for a number of top executives from different countries.

Simon Brault, chairman of The Canada Council for the Arts, is stepping down as chairman after four years in office.

"Simon Brault is an inspiring and energetic leader and particularly known for incorporating Canada's Indigenous peoples into the Canadian cultural sector. He has also been a strong advocate for the role of art in society and is the author of the book "No culture – no future", says Danielsen. "It will probably take a bit to live up to this level, but I am very happy about the opportunity and look forward to working with an excellent board and a professionally strong secretariat.

IFACCA is currently conducting its ninth World Congress, the World Summit for Arts and Culture, which brings together more than 450 cultural leaders from 85 countries. The theme of the meeting is "Safeguarding artistic freedom" and the purpose is to share good solutions, tools and methods to assist artists and cultural workers in a world where artistic freedom of expression is threatened in several places in the world.