2023-24 Federal Budget to revitalise Arts sector

Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications,
09 May 2024, Australia

The 2023-24 Budget delivers immediate support to artists and arts organisations, our cultural institutions, training bodies and key areas of the new National Cultural Policy, Revive.

As part of the budget the Government will invest:

  • $535.3 million over 4 years for Australia’s 9 National Collecting Institutions, institutions like the National Archives of Australia and National Gallery of Australia.
  • $286 million to deliver on Revive including through; restoring core arts funding; establishing Creative Australia, Music Australia, Writers Australia and a Creative Workplaces centre to support arts workers; establishing a First Nations-led body dedicated to First Nations work; sharing the National Gallery of Australia’s collection with regional and suburban galleries; and improving incomes for authors.
  • $9 million in 2023-24 to Australia’s 8 national arts training organisations to secure critical training courses and skills development and maintain Australian trained in-demand performers and production specialists for Australia's live performing arts and screen industry and the creative economy more broadly.
  • An additional $112.3 million to attract international investment in the Australian screen industry to provide domestic employment and training opportunities by increasing the Location Offset rebate to 30%.
  • $6.9 million over 4 years from 2023-24 for Ausfilm to continue to promote screen productions in Australia.

These measures form part of the broader investment in the Department’s portfolio, with funding also being delivered to our infrastructure and communications sectors.

For more information on the 2023-24 Federal Budget visit budget.gov.au.

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