D'Art 27: Major performing arts organisations: a review of the issues for funding agencies

Co-hosted by Creative Australia,
07 January 2009, International

D'Art Report: Major Performing Arts Organisations: A Review of the Issues for Funding Agencies
En français: Les grandes organisations d’arts du spectacle: un examen des problèmes se posant aux organismes de financement

D'Art Topics in Arts Policy no.27, June 2009

IFACCA and Australia Council

This report brings together the three elements of the research project on the major performing arts sector: the 2006 D’Art question, the 2007 survey and the 2008 mini-summit. It provides a synthesis and overview of the key issues and dilemmas that were identified in the survey responses and in the mini-summit discussions.

The project has shown that the majority of governments from the 28 contributing countries around the world support at least some of their country’s major performing arts organisations through their national arts support agency. However, it has also revealed differences in the major performing arts sectors across these countries and variety in the approaches and models used in the delivery of government support.