D'Art 33: New media arts policy and practice

14 June 2013, International

Mini-summit on national policy frameworks that support experimental art in a global context

Hosted by the Australia Council for the Arts and IFACCA, the mini-summit on National Policy Frameworks that Support Experimental Arts Practice in a Global Context was held on Friday 14 June 2013 in Sydney, Australia, coinciding with the 19th International Symposium on Electronic Arts (www.isea2013.org).   The mini-summit brought together a number of IFACCA member countries, including Canada, Denmark, Chile, Australia and New Zealand, as well as a selection of experts on this topic.

The mini-summit investigated ideas, approaches and responses to supporting experimental arts practice in a global context and participants identified topics to explore that covered artistic processes, funding programmes and decision making, policy initiatives, and valuing and advocating for experimental work.

A report from the mini-summit has been published, which is available in three languages:

English: Report from the Mini Summit co-hosted by IFACCA and Australia Council for the Arts

IFACCA has also undertaken other work on this topic:

In March 2011, IFACCA  commissioned the development of a strategy to guide our role in assisting national arts funding agencies to address some of the challenges and opportunities in the area of new media arts. A survey on this topic was distributed to national arts councils and ministries in our network, and results will be presented to the IFACCA board in April 2011.

In July 2008 IFACCA and the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) co-hosted a mini-summit in July 2008 on government support for new media arts practice. In preparation we initiated a D’Art research question (available in English and Spanish) to identify policy issues and to locate key personnel to invite to the mini-summit. The results of the D'Art were incorporated into a longer document 'Report from the Mini Summit on New Media Arts Policy & Practice Singapore 24-26 July 2008' published in March 2009.

We held a workshop session The Arts, New Technologies and Innovation at the 2nd World Summit on the Arts and Culture in Singapore in November 2003. 

In August 2004 we co-hosted a Mini-summit on New Media Arts and Technology in Helsinki, Finland, with the Arts Council of Finland and m-cult, which led to the publication of the 'Helsinki Agenda Strategy document on international development of new media culture policy'. 

The IFACCA board published a response to the Helsinki agenda in October 2005.

We published a one-page summary report of the Singapore mini-summit in August 2008.

More information about the Singapore mini-summit delegates and program is available here.

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