D'Art 7: Encouraging arts philanthropy: selected resources

Co-hosted by Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications,
01 February 2003, Australia

D'Art Report: Encouraging arts philanthropy: selected resources

D'Art Topics in Arts Policy no.7, February 2003

IFACCA and the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, Australia

This report presents the interim results from IFACCA’s seventh D'Art question on how governments encourage greater philanthropy for the charitable sector through enhanced income tax provisions. Due to staff changes, the original requestor was unable to complete a full report. The IFACCA secretariat  released an interim report for anyone who is looking for a quick reference resource on this nebulous topic. The interim report is divided into two main parts:
(1) Online resources – URL addresses for useful websites sorted by country/region, and
(2) selected references – a list of useful publications (post 1990).

This is an interim report that provides preliminary references.