12th Pacific Science Inter-Congress: Science for Human Security & Sustainable Development in the Pacific Islands & Rim

08 July 2013, Fiji

The University of the South Pacific is proud to host the 12th Pacific Science Inter-Congress with the overarching theme of ‘Science for Human Security & Sustainable Development in the Pacific Islands & Rim’.

The 12th Pacific Science Inter-Congress, to be held July 8-12, 2013, is organized in collaboration with the Pacific Science Association (PSA), a regional, non-governmental, scholarly organization that seeks to advance science and technology in support of sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region. Since the first Pacific Science Congress held in 1920 in Honolulu, PSA has convened Pacific Science Congresses and Inter-Congresses every two years in different venues throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Through Congress and Inter-Congress meetings, and ongoing scientific Working Groups, PSA provides an interdisciplinary platform for scientists to discuss research findings and their relevance to the region. The focus of the 12th Inter-Congress includes physical, biological, and social sciences and encompasses terrestrial, marine, atmospheric, and social/cultural subjects and approaches in the Pacific Islands and Rim region. The broad sub-themes of the meeting include:


  • Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services, and Resilient Societies;
  • Information and Communications Technologies for Sustainable Development;
  • Food, Water, Energy and Health;
  • Culture and Gender;
  • Governance, Economic Development and Public Policy;
  • Climate Change; and
  • Oceans

The University of the South Pacific is also calling on interested NGOs/CSOs/CROP Agencies/ Research institutions or Government Ministries who may wish to partner with the University to sponsor specific areas/topics or sessions relating to Human Security to please register your interest with the Conference Planner at [email protected]