19th SIETAR Europa Congress - 'Global Reach, Local Touch – How Streams of Culture are Shaping our Futures'

18 September 2013, Estonia

The congress will be a world class event using 21st century technology that realizes our vision of “Global Reach” to SIETARs worldwide, but will also be attractive to our stakeholders and targets in commerce, government, NGOs, education, diplomacy, public awareness, etc.

The development of new technologies provides us with the opportunity to launch a “glocal” congress, an event in which those participants who chose to come to the venue can be joined by individuals worldwide in real-time, interactive events via commonly available technology. To this end, in addition to our usual delivery styles, we will be introducing 'TED' type presentations and workshops. These are of shorter duration, very focused, with punchy themes and very varied.

Aim of the Congress

This congress aims to help you gain an insight into the way people in other countries think, work and behave. It is as well a chance to tell them about your own way of life and working practices. Ultimately, it will make you more successful in your professional life, whether you deal with diverse colleagues at home or abroad - trying to help each other and others to be able to put into practice “Global Reach: Local Touch” in how we think and behave and exercise our professions.

This conference welcomes all those whose life and work puts them at the interface of cultures. We invite those engaged in business, academia, government, NGO’s, media and the arts to participate. It is a special learning event for those working in global environments, diversity, peace and conflict resolution, diplomacy, international and intergroup politics as well as those researching these areas.

The Congress Theme

The theme of the congress is: "Global Reach: Local Touch - how streams of culture are shaping our future”.

It addresses how we as individuals and organisations can comprehend and respond to the challenges of a world of increased localisation, shifts of political and economic forces, and the impact of political, economic, social, technological and environmental trends in our current reality. Above all it will encourage inclusionary thinking, valuing diversity and synergy among people working together across the globe.

“Global Reach: Local Touch” aims to help us review our ideas about ‘working’, ‘multiculturalism’, ‘community’, ‘identity’, ‘networking’, ‘collaboration’, ‘teamwork’, ‘humanitarian’, ‘communication’, ‘congress’. It will encourage new perspectives and challenge old paradigms in an any-time, any-where, globalised world.

Arising from this theme, the congress is arranged according to sub-themes, which will be covered in concurrent and parallel tracks:

  •  Track 1 – Community and Identity
  •  Track 2 – Connectivity;
  • Track 3 – Constructing Culture
  • Track 4 - Film and Media Festival

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For further information about the congress, see the official congress website.