2nd Annual Global Peace Workshop - Youth Promoting Peace through Arts, Culture and Tourism

23 June 2014, Turkey

In this second annual Global Peace Workshop we explore the role of young people in promoting peace through arts, culture and tourism. Culture is a vital instrument in building peace, helping us to understand ourselves, our values and traditions in relation to others near and far. In today’s increasingly connected world, where we are able to cut across boundaries and interact with others with unprecedented ease, the opportunities for cultural exchange have never been so vast. And it is often the young who make the most of these opportunities, travelling to other countries for work, study and tourism, and building relationships across difference at home and online.

Increased cultural exchange can help us to foster mutual understanding and manage change, yet much of the potential of culture for building peace goes untapped. The Global Peace Workshop welcomes people from all countries to come together to explore the challenges and opportunities facing young people in building a culture of peace. Introduced by high profile keynotes speakers, the workshop provides participants with the opportunity to explore one of five workshop themes. This year we also introduce master classes for participants, helping to hone core skills related to advocacy, peace building, development and foreign relations.

The participation fee is 90 Euros which covers the costs of meals and accommodation. There are also limited travel bursaries available. Check out www.cesran.org/global-peace-workshop for more info and to download the application.

Deadline for applications is 14 April 2014. If you have any inquiries about the workshop or travel bursaries please email Husrev TABAK at [email protected].