Cultural Enterprises and Services Management

17 February 2003, Congo (Brazzaville)

SOCODIC has organised a Sub-regional seminar 'Cultural Enterprises and Services Management, and Animation Art and Technique', to be held in Brazzaville, February 17-22, 2003. The seminar aims to improve the management and service delivery of cultural enterprises and to strengthen delegates' knowledge of arts business practice. The seminar will exmine a variety or topics including; cultural enterprises and the economic dimension of culture, the sociological theory of organisations, management accounting in the cultural field, cultural services and civic participation, and copywright and intellectual property issues. Further information regarding the above events is available by contacting; Mr. Tiburce Gabriel BIDOUNGA, Seminar Co-ordinator Tel (242) 81.18.28 Fax (242) 28.58.87 E-mail; [email protected]