International Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference

03 July 2008, Jamaica

Key themes for the Conference include: Rituals of arrival and contact; Crossings—the art of the crossroads; Spirituality and identity; Language rituals; Globalization and the spirit; Indigenous spiritualities; Rituals of conflict - rites of rebellion; Virtual realities; virtual spiritualities; (Spiritual) Tourism; Rituals, substances and sacred geographies; The spirit of music; Cultures of reconciliation; Storytelling; Crossroad deities and divination; Geographies of the body and spirit.
General areas of interest include:

Body - Identity and Difference
Gender and sexuality
Popular culture
Cultural industries
Performance and gender
Youth culture
Religion and culture
Nation states
Power and knowledge
New information technology
Globalization and diaspora
Nationalism and locality
Consumerism and fetishism
Culture and economy
Cultural Studies pedagogy
Policing the crisis
Culture and ethics
Critical methodologies
Politics of opposition
Cultures of everyday life
Social and cultural theory
The city
Cultural policy
Centre and periphery
Space and culture
Imagined communities