Event: ITAC3: The Third International Teaching Artist Conference

01 May 2016, Scotland

Conference dates: 3-5 August 2016

The Third International Teaching Artists Conference: Best, next and radical practice in participatory arts

The ITAC3 Conference brings together artists, organisations, funders and researchers from all over the world to explore key issues relating to participatory arts practice through an inspiring mix of curated conversations, practical workshops, keynote speeches, seminars and round-table discussions.

Creative Scotland is managing and hosting the ITAC3 conference in August 2016 in partnership with Paul Hamlyn Foundation, ArtWorks Alliance and the conference originators.

There have been 2 International Teaching Artist Conferences, the first held in Oslo in 2012 and the second held in Brisbane in 2014. The biennial events aim to be a dynamic platform for:

•sharing practice, learning and research in the field of participatory arts;

•showcasing best and next practice for the host and visiting nations;

•generating new connections and building a palpable energy towards an international community.

The 3 day conference is a partnership between the previous hosts, Eric Booth, Marit Ulvund of SEANSE, Norway, Brad Haseman and Judith McLean of Queensland University of Technology, Australia, alongside ArtWorks Alliance and current funders Creative Scotland and Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

For Scotland and the UK ITAC 3 will be a milestone opportunity to share, discuss and disseminate the significant body of learning from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation ArtWorks Special Initiative: developing practice in participatory settings. It is also an opportunity to build on previous ArtWorks Scotland conferences (2011-14), consciously creating a sense of ‘continuity’ for the Scottish community of practice.

Following on from the success of ITAC 1 and 2, ITAC 3 aims to attract 200 to 250 delegates from across the globe (including Scotland and the UK) to Edinburgh in 2016 to participate in the event.


•Creative Scotland (Conference hosts and funder)

•Paul Hamlyn Foundation (co-funder)

•ArtWorks Alliance (partner)

•Eric Booth (founder of the ITAC conference)

•Marit Ulvund, Director, Seanse Norway (ITAC1 conference hosts)

•Brad Haseman, Professor and Assistant Dean, Queensland University of Technology (ITAC2 conference hosts)

•Alice McGrath, ITAC3 Event Manager