La Rencontre de Maribor

Co-hosted by Ars Baltica,
12 April 2012, Slovenia

The meeting will explore the following topic: "Culture in touch with social borders: source of new creative paradigms". Meeting organised every year in the European Capital of Culture to the attention of cultural elected and actors as well as artists, La Rencontre de Maribor will be held from the 12 to the 15 of April 2012 in the framework of Maribor 2012 - European Capital of Culture.

This conference will explore the topic of culture in touch with social borders in the context of the welcoming city and also in the Slovenian framework and wider in the Balkan region. It will be in question to think about cities development and urban planning thought in relation with cultural development. In Maribor, Les Rencontres wants to have a reflection about links development between populations through cultural development thanks to the artistic creation venue, place for meetings, exchanges, mobility and creation.

This current theme is linked to South-Eastern Europe as well as strongly anchored in Maribor 2012 programme will be explored through three essential sides. The first session will question the artistic creation venue integrated to urban planning and its role among populations. Then, the participants will see how the territorial mobility of artists can be organised between these cultural venues for artistic and cultural diversity improvement. Finally, the conference will ask the right questions for artistic creation durability with institutionalisation dangers of artistic avant-garde through public support.