Role of Culture and Art in Strengthening Coop. betw'n nations

16 October 2006, Armenia

The Art and Sport Supporting NGO from Yerevan, Armenia organizes its 1st International Conference under the title of The Role and Significance of Culture and Art in Strengthening and Development of Cooperation Among Nations, to be held on 16-19 October 2006. Partners of the Conference are the Armenian National Commission for UNESCO and the Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia. The aim of the Conference is to support the dialog of cultures by means of national political power, to strengthen and approach the relations of states and nations, cooperating with professionals in culture and art of other countries. The Conference will focus on: Art education, and the development of new methods and forms; Promotion and assistance in realization of projects; Development of culture and art; Strengthening of the professional skills of organizers of cultural Events and advancement of their knowledge in that sphere; Development of modern information technologies; Supporting cultural workers and event organizers to integrate with Foreign work experience; Supporting the advancement of professional knowledge. For more information, CLICK HERE.