Senegal to host 2012 Creative Economy Conference

14 November 2012, Senegal

The Arterial Network, organisers of the second annual conference on the African Creative Economy, which aims to provide practical analysis and reflective overview of the current status of African creative economy, recently announced that Senegal has won the bid to host the conference. The conference will be held in Dakar from 14-16 November 2012.
Arterial Network continental secretariat received the following applications:
1.Southern Africa - Nhimbe Trust in Zimbabwe

2.Southern Africa -Yezi Arts in Zambia

3.North Africa - Association Racines in Morocco

4.West Africa - Senegal (Arterial Network Senegal in conjunction with Arterial Network Mauritania).

The announcement was made by Arterial Network's secretary general Ouafa Belgacem on 10 August 2012.

Bidding system used

Belgacem revealed that the secretariat used a bid system to evaluate all the 2012 conference bidders.

Scores were allocated against infrastructure, professional translation services, ease of travel to and within country, safety and security within the country, applicant's capacity and experience, financial offer and external funding contributions. Each applicant was awarded scores in the various categories by the evaluating committee. The applicant with the highest total scores was declared as the winner.

In her closing remarks, Belgacem said, 'Senegal emerged the winner on obtaining high scores demonstrating its preparedness and capacity to host the 2012 conference.

Arterial Network Senegal submitted an application that clearly outlined available support from the government, financial contributions and discounts from service providers, partnership with Arterial Network Mauritania, coupled with proven past experience in hosting international events. Arterial Network congratulates Senegal and the West African region as a whole for winning the bid and looks forward to a successful event.'

The African Creative Economy Conference

The 2012 Creative Economy conference is an opportunity that will mark the coming together of powerful debate from across the continent, live and rich provocation from pioneering international practitioners and thinkers, and the unprecedented collaboration of arts institutions from 40 African countries to shape dialogue and a shared experience.

Its main objective is to assess and share research done to date on the African creative economy in order to inform advocacy strategies in support of the African creative sector, rigorously interrogate the available research on cultural themes, provide a platform for African professionals to share their insights on the African Creative economy aspects and to identify areas of further research, links, opportunities and potential relationships.

It offers to researchers, artists, civil society, donors and cultural workers from Africa the opportunity to network, get practical analysis and reflection of the African creative economy from an African perspectives and realities. The African Creative Economy Conference 2012 offers two parallel programmes - one specifically exploring up-to-date researches, experiences and debates, the other is a series of practical know how exchange trainings and workshops. The closing gala dinner will be featuring performances from renowned African artists' members of Arterial Network.

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