The Second Jerusalem Conference on the Digitisation of Cultural Heritage

29 November 2005, Israel

EVA and the MINERVA Network in Israel announce the second conference on the Digitisation of Cultural Heritage. Supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Jewish Agency for Israel (focused on the digitisation of cultural and scientific content), the conference will take place at Mercaz Shimshon, Beit Shmuel, on Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th of November, 2005. Israel is a center of excellence in areas related to digitised information, but it does not yet have a comprehensive policy regarding the digitisation of cultural content. The goal of the conference (following on from the first Jerusalem Conference, held at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, and the two previous (EVA) Symposia at Harvard (2002) and the Jewish Museum London (2003) to promote Israel-North America-Europe cooperation in Culture & Technology), is to advance the establishment of an agenda for the digitisation of cultural heritage and science in Israel. Activities - including hands-on workshops; poster presentations and sessions - will seek to map the activities taking place in Israel and to identify emerging issues and opportunities. Key areas of dicussion will include:
  • the variety of digitial methodology;
  • obsolescence;
  • ease of access for citizens;
  • intellectual property rights;
  • the challenge of limited institutional investment and commitment. Professionals, practitioners and researchers in areas relating to the digitisation of science and cultural heritage resources are encouraged to attend the conference. For further information, CLICK HERE.