Mobility consultants welcome contributions from IFACCA members

12 January 2009, International

UNESCO has commissioned Richard Poláček, together with Judith Staines, to undertake a short research project in January/February 2009 into: International legal instruments affecting the international mobility of artists, artworks, cultural goods and services.

This research will provide an overview of the main legal instruments plus examples of bilateral and multilateral cultural cooperation agreements across the six UNESCO regions (Africa, Latin America & Caribbean, the Arab World, Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America).  It will also examine obstacles to mobility, good practice and propose strategies and actions for policy- and decision-makers. 

The study was commissioned by UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Committee for the Protection and Promotion of Cultural Diversity.  The final report is intended as an advocacy document examining wider impacts of policy and legislation on the international circulation of artists and their works.

The mobility consultants very much welcome contributions from IFACCA members.  In particular, they request information on bilateral and multilateral cultural cooperation agreements and any evaluation of their results.

Please send your written contributions via a short questionnaire (5 questions only!). 
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DEADLINE: 31 January 2009