Music seminar ends

Government of Saint Vincent & the Grenadines ,
06 November 2009, Saint Vincent & Grenadines

The Music Seminar which brought international executives to the country to lead a three 3-day crash course into the industry wraps up here today. The seminar is organized by Invest SVG in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and several local industry stakeholders.

It’s aimed at persons interested in developing careers in the music industry, covering various aspects of the industry including music production, music fashion, videography, music promotion and songwriting.

At its opening on Wednesday, Invest SVG’s Executive Director Cleo Huggins said they hoped to professionalize the nation’s music industry and to also develop film and fashion and the other accompanying industries.

Mrs. Huggins said she look forward to a time when the region’s musicians shared in the global entertainment industry’s annual profits of 40 billion US dollars.