Mexico (National Council for Culture and the Arts) joins IFACCA

18 December 2014, Mexico

IFACCA is delighted to welcome the National Council for Culture and the Arts (CONACULTA), Mexico, as IFACCA’s newest national member bringing to 77 the number of national members and further strengthening IFACCA’s regional chapter in the Americas.

The National Council for Culture and the Arts is the governing institution for public policies in the cultural and artistic field of the Mexican government. Its traditional objectives are: conservation of cultural heritage and of urban and folk culture; encouragement of intellectual and artistic creation as well as artistic education and cultural research; promotion of reading, media and creative industries; and dissemination of the cultural and artistic diversity of the country.

In addition, it also assumes the task of facing the contemporary challenges of Mexican society, by locating culture among the services rendered to the population as a way to favor social cohesion and transformation. This is done by assuring that cultural infrastructure of the country offers appropriate venues for cultural and artistic activities; by encouraging the cultural development of the country through the support to cultural industries and linking the investment in culture to other productive activities; by enabling universal access to culture through technology and the creation of a Digital Agenda on Culture; and by providing Mexico, by means of its culture, with a face that identifies it in the globe. 

The President of CONACULTA, Licenciado Rafael Tovar y de Teresa, stated that ‘in contemporary Mexico, the answers given by culture to the new Mexican reality, are directed towards the transformation of cultural resources into a valuable and essential medium to achieve the development of the Mexican society and to overcoming its main problems and challenges.’ 

As an IFACCA national member, CONACULTA will also play an important part in IFACCA’s Americas Chapter. Further details, including a list of members for the region, is available here: