The Launch of the "The Living Heritage of Communities in Timor-Leste"

Secretary of State For Art And Culture,
04 February 2015, Timor-Leste

On 4 February 2014, the Government of Timor-Leste through of the Secretary of State For Art And Culture in cooperation with UNESCO and the National Geographic Traveler make grand opening for the book launch with the title ’’ The Living Heritage of Communities in Timor-Leste’’ in Xanana Reading Room and also inaugurate Exhibition of Photographies with the same theme in Largo de Lecidere.


One of the principal target of this publication is to put the communities in the process of safeguarding of Immaterial Cultural Heritage. That’s why the publication includes quotations of Immaterial Cultural Heritage makes in Timor-Leste that explain their craftsman and art with their own words.


In her speech, the Secretary of State for Art and Culture, Ms. Maria Isabel de Jesus Ximenes, refer that, from years 2011 the Secretary of State for Art and Culture worked together with UNESCO in the mind to identify safe guard and to promote the rich diversity of expressions of Immaterial Cultural Heritage that our country has, through actions of formation, study visits, production and translation of writings to the principal working languages.


Ms. Secretary of State for Art and Culture also reinforce, the office desk the UNESCO in Jakarta carry out also a relevant role to support the technicians and centralize from relevant agency for important heritage intangible material to development sustain of Timor-Leste.


Mind while, the Director and the representative of UNESCO office desk in Jakarta, Mr. Huber Gizen, also refer that with this publication, Timor-Leste has that riche and diversity intangible Heritage Immaterial Cultural. ‘’This Heritage in a precious thing for the communities, groups and individuals and only they could safeguard and pass to the future generations. This is a key massage to The Living Heritage of Communities in Timor-Leste, is a publication that gives voice to the timorese people and gives to him a way to share with the world its rich and diversity traditions of live heritage.

It is hoped that this publication will provide the communities of Timor-Leste, especially women and young people the opportunity to express the knowledge of it’s living heritage, awaking the conscience about the Immaterial Cultural Heritage and it safe keeping not only locally but also national and International’’ said Mr.Hubert.


The ceremony of the launching of the book and exhibition on the ’’Living Heritage ’’ have attend by Excellency the Adviser of President of RDTL, Dr.Rogue Rodrigues, Vice President of National Parliament, Mr. Adérito Hugo, Ministry of Education,Mr.Bendito dos Santos Freitas, actually president of NatCom, Ministry of Tourism, Mr.Francisco Kalbuadi Lay, Secretary state of social Communication , Mr.Nelio Isaac Sarmento, Secretary for Private Sector, Ms.Veneranda Lemos, Secretary State of Land and Property, Mr.Jaime Xavier Lopes, Secretary State for Asean, Mr.Roberto Sarmento, President of Unesco in Timor-Leste, Ms.Kirsty Sword Gusmão, General Directors, and National Directors, Chef of Department and all Staff of State Secretary for Art and Culture.