Kristin Danielsen elected as Chair of the IFACCA Board

IFACCA - International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies,
05 May 2023, International

Today the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA) announced that Ms Kristin Danielsen, CEO of Arts and Culture Norway, has been elected as the next Chair of its Board. The announcement was made at the closing ceremony of IFACCA’s 9th World Summit on Arts and Culture, which has been taking place in Stockholm, Sweden this week.

Ms Danielsen, who currently serves as the Deputy Chair of the IFACCA Board, will commence as Chair on 1 July 2023. In accepting the position, Ms Danielsen said, “A seat on the board allows a unique overview of cultural and artistic development internationally. The position also provides the opportunity to contribute our ideas and initiatives on the central topics in arts and culture.”

Ms Danielsen succeeds Mr Simon Brault O.C., O.Q., Director and CEO of the Canada Council for the Arts, as Chair. Of Mr Brault’s term, Ms Danielsen said, “Simon Brault is an inspiring and decisive leader and is particularly known for including indigenous peoples in the Canadian cultural sector. He is also a visible spokesperson for the role art holds in our societies and the author of ‘No Culture – No Future’. Reaching his level will take hard work, but I’m very pleased I have been given the opportunity, and I look forward to working with an outstanding Board and a knowledgeable Secretariat.”

Speaking on behalf of the members of the Federation, the Executive Director of IFACCA Ms Magdalena Moreno Mujica said, “Kristin Danielsen has been an active member and champion of IFACCA for some time, most recently as our Deputy Chair. We are thrilled with the appointment and looking forward to working together with Kristin.”

“As Kristin continues her mandate at Arts and Culture Norway we are well placed to deliver the next phase of the IFACCA Strategy 2021–2026. We warmly welcome her to the role of Chair and congratulate her on her appointment.”

On Mr Brault’s tenure, Ms Moreno Muijca said, “Simon Brault is a renowned cultural leader, writer, and arts administrator, and we thank him for the wisdom and passion he has brought to the role in his time as Chair. Simon has led the Federation with inspiring vision and a wealth of knowledge and experience.”

“We are indebted to his tireless leadership and his unwavering commitment to the vibrancy and diversity of arts and culture around the world. With Simon at the helm, we have made considerable progress delivering the IFACCA Strategy 2021–2026 – a feat made more impressive given this disruptive period of pandemic and conflict.”

Mr Brault was initially appointed to the role in March 2019 and re-elected in March 2021. Mr Brault’s current term will conclude on 30 June 2023.

Photo: Trym Schade Warloe/Arts and Culture Norway